How to Use Ming River University

This section is intended to help you easily navigate Ming River University. Ming River University’s educational program is broken into Courses, which consist of several Lessons. Each Lesson is further broken into Topics and Quizzes.

Courses should take you a while to complete. You may start and stop Courses at any point, and return to them later. Your account will record your progress, so that you can pick up where you left off.

The following instructions will help you navigate the individual Courses.

  • Select a Course
    To begin using Ming River University, please select a Course on the homepage. We recommend all new students begin with the BAIJIU 101 Course before moving onto the more advanced offerings.
  • Login or Create an Account
    Create an account, or log into an existing an account by clicking the blue button that says “Login to Enroll” and following the instructions.
  • Enroll in the Course
    Once logged into the Course, click the blue button that now says “Take this Course.”
  • Begin the Course
    Once you have started the course you will be directed to the introductory page, which will contain a description of the Course and the syllabus of Lessons and Topics. You can return to this screen and monitor your progress at any time, which can be found at the top of the course page.

The bar on the Course’s main page allows you to track your progress over time.
  • Choose a Lesson
    Select a Lesson from the syllabus, as seen below.
Each white circle represents a lesson in the course. Click the “Expand” buttons to view topics and quizzes for each lesson.

Note: You are not required to complete all of the Lessons in order, but it is highly recommended. Topics covered later in a Lesson may relate to earlier Lessons, so unless you are reviewing the contents, a linear progression through the course will offer students the best results.

  • Review the Lesson Overview and Introductory Contents

Each Lesson will contain an overview of the lesson and, in some cases, subordinate Topics and Quizzes for the lesson. If there are videos associated with a Lesson or Topic, they must be played through in order to advance.

Videos must be played in order to advance through a lesson.
  • Select the First Topic in the Lesson
    At the bottom of each Lesson overview you will find the Lesson Content, a list of Topics and Quizzes associated with the Lesson. Each Topic is meant to be viewed in order, so click on the first Topic as seen below.
  • Mark the Topic As Complete
    Once you have read through the text of the Topic, click the green button labeled “Mark Complete” at the bottom of the page. This will advance you to the next Topic.
  • Complete All Topics in the Lesson
    Advance through the Topics, marking each complete as you finish them. Once you have completed all the Topics in a Lesson, the Lesson Content on the Lesson’s page should show green check marks next to all topics, like this…
  • Complete the Quiz to Finish the Lesson
    Quizzes are intended to make sure that you learned everything you were supposed to absorb in the Lesson. You must complete the Quiz and obtain a passing score in order to fully complete a Lesson. You may advance to other Lessons without completing the Quiz, but the Course will remain incomplete until you finish all Quizzes. Click the button below to begin a Quiz.
  • Each Quiz will contain a variety of questions, but most will be simple multiple choice questions, where you are asked to choose the most appropriate answer from a list. Select the right answer and click the blue button that says “Next” to advance to the next question.
An example of a multiple choice question.
  • Completing a Quiz
    If you failed to receive a passing score, you may retake the Quiz when you are ready. If you receive a passing score, you may advance to the next Lesson by clicking the green button that says, “Click Here to Continue.”
  • Complete the Course at Your Own Pace
    As mentioned above. There’s a lot to learn here, and you probably won’t want to learn it all at once. Start and stop at your own pace. The site will remember your progress the next time you login.
  • Pass the Final Quiz to Obtain Certificates
    Once you have completed all the Lessons in a Course, please review the Key Points and take the Final Quiz. This will review all the information covered in the Course. If you pass the Final Quiz, you will be eligible to receive the appropriate certification for that Course.

If you have any additional questions about Ming River University, please contact the administrator.